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The iPhone is the most popular mobile device in the world. It’s easy to see why with all of its features and apps that can be downloaded for free. However, one thing that many people are concerned about when it comes to their phone is how they will know where it is if they lose it or someone steals it. This article will discuss three ways you can track your lost or stolen iphone without installing any app on your phone!

How to track an iPhone: 3 Methods

Smartphones have a very effective GPS system. It’s a great tool for tracking down and recovering lost phones. The days of mobile phones are just used for making calls are long gone. Those days are long gone. Every single iOS device, whether it’s a low-cost iPhone SE or a high-end iPhone 11 Pro, has a built-in GPS system in this era of technology. The GPS device’s functionality is fantastic, but it is simple to use.

You may easily locate your family, friends, or children using the built-in Find My Location app on your iPhone or iPad. The built-in stock GPS software on iOS is quite effective, but if you want more features and customization, there are several excellent paid iPhone tracking applications available.

There are several iPhone or iPad tracking applications that are completely free to use, however they may offer app-in purchases or subscriptions for more advanced functions. If you want to find out which free iPhone location tracking applications are the finest, read our list of the top free tracking apps.

Top 8 free iPhone Tracking Apps

Let’s take a look at the top free iPhone/iPad tracking applications that you can get right now from the iOS app store. is one of the best iphone locator app, a free iPhone tracking app that lets you track all the iOS devices via GPS and other location-based technologies like Wi-Fi or mobile networks. The application allows you to locate any place where someone has been with their device (it can also be used for finding lost keys and remote controls).

You will need an account on first before using this amazing tool! This is how it works: First of all, click “Lost” in the menu bar on the left side of your browser window. Then enter your email address and password into the corresponding fields and tap “Login.” Now press “Add Device” button which appears below the Sign-Up option box after successful login to your account page in the web application.

After you have added your device, the site will track it for you and show its current location on a map. You can also see a history of where the device has been in the past!


This app is one of the most popular and highly rated location app for iphone on the market. It’s free to use and has more features than any other tracking app. mSpy is a solid iPhone tracker with great flexibility, so if you like this application, it may be worth paying for their advanced services.

mSpy allows the user to track everything from text messages to social media activities easily on an iPhone or iPad. You can also read all incoming emails on your device as they come in without having access to the email account itself (that is only available by purchasing some of their premium packages). The app also includes a geofencing feature that will send you an alert if your child or employee leaves a designated area.


This is another excellent, free iPhone tracking app that we highly recommend. The developers of this app emphasize safety and security as their top priorities. eyeZy uses GPS tracking to help find lost or stolen phones, as well as keep tabs on loved ones or employees who are given company-owned devices.

The app icon is discreet so that people being tracked won’t know they’re being monitored (unless you tell them!). Once installed, the app runs invisibly in the background and sends periodic updates about the device’s location. You can also receive notifications if the phone leaves a designated area or is in close proximity to another device that you have linked with your account.


This app is a great tool for those who want to keep track of family members. Life360 allows the user to create groups, add other users and share their locations with them (and vice versa).

The GPS tracking feature on this iPhone tracker works incredibly well in keeping tabs on children or elderly parents by monitoring driving behavior and providing alerts when people are out past curfew. If you’re using it for something different, like making sure your teen takes public transportation rather than drive home from school each day, then you can set up that rule as well!

Family Locator  

This free iPhone tracker app will allow you to locate family and friends who are carrying their mobile devices, as long as they’ve installed this app on theirs too! The Family Locator uses GPS technology for pinpointing locations of other people. If one person installs this software and others do not, then it won’t work properly (it only works when both sides install!). This application allows its users to set up “circles” – it means that certain individuals within these circles should be able to track each other depending upon how the app is set up. You can also receive notification if someone leaves or enters a designated area.

Find My Friends

This official, free iPhone tracking app from Apple lets you track the location of your friends and family members who have also installed this app on their devices (similar to Family Locator by Life360). Find My Friends utilizes GPS technology for pinpointing locations, and it’s very easy to use – just sign in with your iCloud account information and add contacts that you want to track. As long as they’re carrying their mobile devices with them, you’ll be able to see their current whereabouts plotted on a map!


This application falls into our “paid” category because it offers more features than the free applications we’ve listed so far. However, it’s still a great value for the price and is one of our top-rated iPhone trackers. Cocospy is stealthily installed on the target device and sends updates to your account about that person’s activities – you can see all calls made and received, text messages, social media posts, web browsing history, and more!

You can also set up geofencing alerts to receive notifications if the tracked individual leaves or enters a designated area. And like some of the other apps on this list, Cocospy offers a “live call” feature that gives you access to ongoing conversations on the target phone (this requires their consent).


This is another top-rated iPhone tracker app that delivers a lot of great features for its price. Xnspy allows you to track the phone’s location, calls, and text messages (but not emails). The app can also be installed remotely – no need to have physical access to the target device! It utilizes GPS technology as well as call logging software so that it stays hidden in order to avoid detection by other users. You will receive periodic updates about your tracked mobile devices’ locations and activities via email or SMS notification, depending on what settings you choose.

Track iPhone by using a Phone Number

This method is probably the simplest way to track an iPhone since you don’t need any additional software or apps. All you have to do is enter the target phone number into Google for tracking and see its location on a map! Note that this will only work if both of your devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network (rather than using data).

Track iPhone Using iCloud (Official free app)

This is the official iPhone location tracking app from Apple, and it’s free to use. iCloud allows you to track the device’s location as well as see a history of its movements. You can also receive notifications if the device enters or leaves a designated area. And like Find My Friends, iCloud requires that both devices have this app installed in order for it to work properly.

Can track my iPhone be wrong?

There’s always a chance that the location tracking information provided by any of these methods (whether free or paid) could be inaccurate. However, with modern technology and GPS capabilities, the chances are minor. As long as you take precautions to ensure accuracy – like making sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi rather than data – then you should be able to track your iPhone without any trouble!


Your iPhone is an important part of your daily life. If you lose it, then all the information that’s stored on the device – including contacts and photos – could be at risk!

That’s why we recommend using one of these best app to track iphone location such as or mSpy to keep track of any iPhones in your household or workplace. It’ll make sure everyone stays safe and sound (and have some peace of mind). The best thing about these methods? They have a trial period!

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